Transactions (As of Donnerstag, Jan 21 2021)


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No Trades these days.

Roster Changes

RACCOONS assign Ole Petersen to minors
BROKERS assign Guy Tarre, Rhet O'Riker to minors
HEARTBREAK assign Matteo Insolvenze, Connor Halliburton to minors
HEARTBREAK promote Randall McGuinness, Ransford Tsoka to pro roster
PREDATORS assign Benjamin Flower to minors
PREDATORS promote Percy Jackell to pro roster
MERCENARY assign Tim Berland, Curry Miller, Korbinian Bittsteller to minors
MERCENARY promote Zbynek Becherovka to pro roster
NORTHPIKES assign Christoph Elbracht, Auvo Roine, Xabier Lebatran, Morgan Latte, Kimme Epilieren, Babak Klabauter, Ertugrul Canbazoglu to minors
KNIGHTS promote Bernd Beinsteller to pro roster
POWPANTH assign Magnus Zetterqvist, Petr Hurvinek, Morten Bang to minors
POWPANTH promote Harrision Jambo to pro roster
SHADOWS assign Johannes Balhorn, Kele Ukulele, Gabriel Zumtergg, Georgios Houlomi, Rainer Stoff, Habichi Itchisakki, Mitch Wanz, Sam Stag, Yoon Hei-Zung, Dominic Kahoun, Borivoj Zizkov, Miroslav Panza to minors
LOSNOXIOUS promote Ville Hypiaeae to pro roster
STEELERS promote Jack Box to pro roster
KAISERLICH assign Valtyr Hauksson, Niklas Sunbelt to minors
KAISERLICH promote Peter Gogik to pro roster
MERCENARY assign Joey Greywolf to minors
KNIGHTS assign Ariel Whitewash to minors
POWPANTH assign Harrision Jambo to minors
POWPANTH promote Casey Ryback to pro roster
SHADOWS assign Ladislav Steiner, Simsa Labimm to minors
LOSNOXIOUS assign Marc Cotton to minors
LOSNOXIOUS promote Pavel Hrbak to pro roster
STEELERS assign Jack Box to minors
STEELERS promote Yashar Hashimov, Massimo Lacci to pro roster
RACCOONS assign Hans Hammerhart to minors
RACCOONS promote Ole Petersen to pro roster
BRAVEHEART promote Rafael Kaugumov, Warmal Sogout, Sergey Sedussov, Claude Crosse to pro roster
MERCENARY promote Krzysztof Urbanowicz to pro roster
KNIGHTS assign Bernd Beinsteller to minors
KNIGHTS promote Aparato Consultatione to pro roster
POWPANTH assign Otto Weizenkeim, Casey Ryback to minors
POWPANTH promote Rainer Beamther, Morten Bang to pro roster
KAISERLICH promote Niklas Sunbelt to pro roster
COBRAS promote Ewan Eagleeye, Frantisek Bodicek to pro roster