Transactions (As of Freitag, Apr 26 2019)


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No Trades these days.

Roster Changes

RACCOONS assign Aleks Ljusvilnjalnis to minors
REAPERS assign Yoshimichi Kano, Vadim Akintschitz to minors
BROKERS assign Imar Rinndaar, Morten Tardapel, Seemu Telaenne to minors
VOODOO assign Andreas Irnerud, Joseph McGrath to minors
VOODOO promote Mick Hedgeworth, Jack Box to pro roster
BRAVEHEART assign Muerbet Haik, Dik Kok, Fanta Melone to minors
PREDATORS assign Ernie Berthold, Henrik Lundell, Andrei Brezgunov, Phil Tertuete, Herby Essence, Donal Lynch, Angelo Mazzola, Christoph Elbracht, Tobias Trommler, Olympus Camela, Taro Tsujimoto, Horst Rammelt, Stefan Wiesenbusch, Ariel Whitewash, Manny Pages, Pratap Patwal, Artyom Goriljov, Bernard Cock, Pekko Rissanen, Tom Wagner, Ben Stutenreiter, Milan Boruta, Fang DenPuck, Mgambo Samgone, Pasi Ruoste, Basti Schlagschuss to minors
ALIENS promote Gerhard Poppenhofen, Alex Schluckauf to pro roster
MERCENARY assign Alexei Vernashin, Vince Larkin, Bad Forlegar to minors
KNIGHTS assign Calvin Clutterbeck, Gaidanow Saimitmirow, Colin Terric, Kendall Moon, Fred Borland, Mark Iron to minors
SHADOWS assign Isembard Melui, Ladislav Steiner, Novelce Nicolsci, Lubomir Odavec to minors
SHADOWS promote Tom Gaydy to pro roster
LOSNOXIOUS assign Konver Tite, Ramirez Extravaganza to minors
STEELERS assign Alain Chevalier, Dov Shaham, Larry Gallone, Yves Conotte, Willy Wallace to minors
HEARTBREAK assign Ragu Letto to minors
RACCOONS promote Rudi Osterhagen, Aleks Ljusvilnjalnis, Radek Havlat to pro roster
PATEN promote Leonardus van der List to pro roster
BROKERS promote Benjamin Flower to pro roster
HORSELORDS assign Habichi Itchisakki, Maxl Roesserhofer, Rolf Richter, Locomoter Mortis, Pavel Cszechniwitzki, Manny Faces to minors
VOODOO promote Wilbur Overturf to pro roster
BRAVEHEART promote Muerbet Haik to pro roster
ALIENS promote Django Kurzscheidt to pro roster
NORTHPIKES promote Taphirel Todolo, Thomas Haltdrauf to pro roster
POWPANTH assign Lodovico Macca, Cliff Hanger to minors
POWPANTH promote Romano Cucinatti, Michael Stadlbauer to pro roster
SHADOWS promote Gabriel Zumtergg, Ladislav Steiner, Karl-Dieter Kopfnuss, Georgios Houlomi, Adi Positas, Mitch Wanz, Yoon Hei-Zung, Lubomir Odavec, Yashar Hashimov, Per Vers to pro roster
STEELERS promote Dov Shaham, Larry Gallone, Yves Conotte to pro roster
REAPERS promote Richard Gamberlain, Senor Junior to pro roster
BROKERS assign Benjamin Flower to minors
HORSELORDS assign Toni Montana to minors
HORSELORDS promote Pavel Cszechniwitzki, Manny Faces to pro roster
ALIENS assign Dipitman Yadev to minors
ALIENS promote Frank Frey to pro roster
NORTHPIKES assign Taphirel Todolo, Thomas Haltdrauf to minors
NORTHPIKES promote Sunny Tater to pro roster
KNIGHTS assign Mark Iron to minors
KNIGHTS promote Johan Hallestrom, Fred Borland to pro roster
SHADOWS promote Hans Wurst, Honton Chon, Stevie Weiser to pro roster
STEELERS assign Larry Gallone to minors
STEELERS promote Alain Chevalier, Silvio Galgano to pro roster